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April 6, 2017


Never work with animals or children. Part 2


As WC Fields once said “never work with children or animals”, well with photography sometimes you don’t have much choice.

 Working with children is a big part of many a photographers’ job. Nige Burr Photography is no exception. Sometimes it’s great working with children, sometimes not so great. Most children we’ve worked with are like little angels one or two were less than angelic.

 To every parent their particular child or children are the best looking, best behaved little lovelies that ever posed in front of a camera. Which photographer would argue with that, and keep their client coming back for more.

 At Nige Burr Photography we pride ourselves that we leave the client with the best shots possible. We have ways of getting the children smiling that don’t include bribery or torture! (No sorry, we never use torture of any kind.)  

 The kids are relaxed and the parents are too. We always encourage parents of new born baby’s to feed their offspring at least half an hour before the photo session starts, burp them and we’re ready to go although a few times the milk wants a more prominent role in the photo shoot.

 Some of our shoots are on location and it was on one of these recent shoots that Nige and I went off into the wilds of North East Somerset with Naomi and Charlie, Nige’s kids. Naomi 9 years old and Charlie 7. We loaded the car with camera’s tripods & wellington boots. Did I mention that the shoot was near a waterfall and stream through a muddy wood and water logged field? The wellington boots were an essential piece of equipment.

 We arrived about a half mile from the location, no TomTom for Nige to interrogate you remember how he likes to argue with inanimate objects (see part 1). I knew from my childhood where this particular waterfall was. We unloaded the car donned our boots and set off for the water fall. Hindsight is a wonderful thing we should have remembered the waterproof trousers.

 The mud through the woods was bad enough. When we started to walk through the field the mud was thick, sticky and slippery. I think Charlie has a wonderful way with words “this mud is really playful” he said as he went sliding along. “If you get those clothes muddy you’ll have to sit in the car your underpants all the way home” said Nige. Charlie just laughed.

 We arrived at the waterfall location. Great, just enough water flowing to make some great shots for a book that the client wanted. We were planning to spend around an hour and a half taking the shots we needed.

 Charlie and Naomi decided that playing photographers got a bit boring after a while and wanted to play. Now some parts of the stream flowing away from the water fall were about knee high. Just above the height of the children’s boots; as Charlie soon found out. Naomi being a girl was more careful. There’s one thing Charlie likes to collect and that’s sticks he has quite a collection at his house just outside of the front door. Not too big a collection as mysteriously they keep disappearing... Nige???

 Anyway Charlie sees a stick in the stream and goes after it. Yep you’ve guessed; his boots quickly filled with water. A fact that he kept to himself for the time being.

 Photo shoot over we made our way back to the car. Charlie was right the mud was really playful. A couple of times it tried to pull us down and roll us around. “Hurry up Charlie” called Nige. “I can’t” says Charlie. “My feet are a little bit wet and it’s stopping me from hurrying”. We stopped to let Charlie catch us up. “My feet are wet and my socks have fallen down inside my boots” says Charlie.

 “Ok sit on the fence and we’ll sort them out” said Nige. Nige took off Charlie’s boots and found that there was at least a half-litre of water in each boot, he emptied them and we finally reached the car.

 As we reached the car Naomi started laughing. When asked what she was laughing at she said, still laughing, that Charlie has to sit in his underpants all the way home. Charlie was not happy to say the least. Luckily for Charlie he had left his school P.E kit in the car from the day before.

 All in all we had some great shots for our client and the kids enjoyed their time in the wilds of North East Somerset.

Never work with animals or children? You’re missing out on some great fun times if you don’t. Well, we had loads of fun, and got the shot the client wanted for their book.



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