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April 13, 2017

Seaside Special!


 How many of you remember the Saturday Night program Seaside Special? Cheese through and through. Looking back it seems so cheap and tacky, but we all loved it. It was cutting edge! Well perhaps not so much, but we kids loved it. (Damn this is aging me!)


 I tell you what, I love the sea. If I could have my time again, I’d probably pursue my dream of joining up. The Navy held all those exotic locations. I have spent so much time by the sea. In fact for years I took up sea fishing to get away from a certain family member.


 Today I still try to spend as much as possible next to the sea. That idyllic location, sunsets, rolling waves, sea birds and sea air. Sunshine, sunbathing (well not so much me – not a pretty sight!) yet watching the sun go down and have my favourite camera, lens and filters helps to capture God’s symphony of colours perfectly.


 Clambering over rocks, (and signs which we later said, no entry), finding out what is over that rock? What is behind that stack? What panorama might be just ahead if we kept going?


 Taking our time around the working harbours is superb. It’s also dangerous if you’re a clutz at times like me. Me and Kelv took my six year old son down to see the fishing trawlers come in. I was the one who nearly fell in. My little boy watched and took it all in; his dad however had a close shave with a crane stacking fish crates! Jeepers! Be more careful. You’re a darn liability Nige!! (Can’t write here what I actually got called.)


 The Atlantic is a bit special. From LandsEnd it’s not hard to imagine the first adventurers going out, not knowing what was over the horizon, never knowing if they would find anything out there except the drop off and the edge of the world, or even IF they would ever make it back!!


 Mount St Michael off the French coast is said to be spectacular. But just take a look at these of our own St Michael’s Mount off the Cornish coast. Taken at 7am as the sae mist rolled over the castle on it’s apex. What a sight?


 Whether it’s the golden glows, the Atlantic Spectrum or the crisp blue of the ocean, come one, you’ve got to agree, our coast line is superb. Its people are fantastic and the way of life is hard but full of adventure.

 This final photo was chosen from among thousands to be in the Shipwreck Mariners Society Coastal Competition last year. And if you’ve read our previous blogs, you would know what it’s all about.



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