Shaun Cross (Bristol) recommends Nige Burr Photography Portraits of Distinction + Weddings & Business.

I had Nige do the photography at my wedding and the quality of the photos are amazing I used him for the day time event and the evening event. He got some amazing shots and was so helpful and flexible to what we wanted and very professional and reliable

Nige Burr Photography Bristol UK Weddings

     So glad you have come to consider me for your precious day. I like to keep out of the limelight, and make everything as discreet as possible for you. I manage everything for you from our first chat at your home, throughout your day of celebrations and then onto the extensive editing process, viewing and photo choosing. I keep it light-hearted, personal and fun. I am very chatty with all the guests and love to laugh with them to ensure everyone is relaxed and enjoys having their photo taken, even ‘Dear Aunt Maud’ who is known to shy away from the lens!

     Prices start from £249 including all photographs. With NO HIDDEN EXTRAS to scare you. As you can see from above I have a very hands-on approach for my clients and I co-ordinate every aspect of this to ensure the bride and groom are worry free about the photography side of things. And there is a whole host of other activities I need to do in the background to deliver to you the perfect photographs, not only turn up and capture you and the groom at the ceremony. Or I can put together almost any package you wish to discuss. Talk to me.


    * I tailor everything to your needs, if it is not already covered in these package deals. Your day, your way.

    * A second 'shooter' can be available free of charge to you as well.

    * You will get your own Web-Page in my CLiENT AREA, which will be locked with your personal password.

    * You are kept up to date as I go through the editing, and invite you to view the photos; firstly online, and optionally at no extra cost, to                  come to my studio and go through them with me personally on a large screen.

    * All the photos are presented with different filters and effects to allow you to choose any effects you wish, swapping them from one photo          to another when you come to view them at the studio.

    * All chosen photos are then further edited; (filter changes & blemishes etc) made ready for printing.

    * All printing is done off site by professional's Fujifilm.

    * All hard prints are guaranteed for 100 years.

    * I then deliver the photos to your door FREE to any Bristol postcode.

    * No hidden charges. Travelling expenses (outside of Bristol), car parking etc can be discussed when we meet.

    * Easy access webpage viewing & choosing for friends and family with password entry.

    * Special discount offer prices for the first 3 months on extra orders from your web page.

    * All edited shots are archived forever. Meaning you and family and friends can come back any time to view and choose.

    * Photos could also be published in Bridal magazines and publications; they could be used for publicity and wedding events.

Here are YOUR package - for example only.

From £249 through to £2749.

All payable in 3 easy payments between booking and receiving your photographs. 

E-mail me.   


Honour Package 

Ceremony and Exit of Bridal procession. Capturing all the wonderful highlights of the couple, friends & family. All post editing and presentation process.

      50 photos 8x10” professional print photographs & 50 5x4" digital photos on Disc/USB.


VIP Package 

Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Exiting, Wedding Breakfast and Speeches. Capturing all the highlights, private shots of the couple & all the fun and celebrations of being with close friends & family. All post editing and presentation process.

      90 photos 8x10” professional print photographs INCLUDING 240 5x4"digital photos on Disc/USB.


      *Includes an album set with your favourite photographs.

      (*Pre-wedding photo-shoot is available with FREE photographs as an optional extra - £65)

Prestige Package 

Pre-wedding location shoot, Bridal Preparation, Pre-ceremony, Guests entering, Ceremony, Exiting, Bride & Groom Private Photo-shoot, Wedding Breakfast & Evening Reception. Capturing all the aspects of the ceremony, private shots of the couple, the enjoyment of the speeches and afternoon plus the celebrations and guests shots for the whole evening too. All post editing and presentation process.

     Includes your Pre-wedding photo-shoot at your special location - FREE photographs.

      150 photos 8x10” professional print photographs INCLUDING 400 5x4" digital photos on Disc/USB.


      *Includes luxury album set with your favourite photographs of your day.

*Also Champagne and two framed photographs.

Your Personal Unique Package

A tailor made combination of something else not specified here which you require. £POA.

     There are so many different combinations that the Bride and Groom wish for, and I know how stressful the lead up to the great day can be. I make sure that after signing with me, you can forget about the photography, secure in the knowledge that it is in safe hands. Everything comes with our personal tailored touch, so you get what you expected and I ensure delivery of everything you asked for.                                


     I don't like to be beaten; so remember you are getting top quality products, equipment and service from me. Let's have a no obligation chat about your needs, and then you can take it from there.  


Email me for your no obligation appointment to chat through your needs.

Photographs removed, copied or captured by any means from this website without the permission of the owner is theft.